The Secret to go from PARENT to WORLD-CLASS EDUCATOR in an hour a day!

Our country’s education system is a game– a game that is “schooling” the genius out of our kids.

Matt Beaudreau saw it first-hand as a teacher and administrator in both public and private schools. Most public and even private schools are drilling your child’s unique talents into the ground by “educating” them in conformity, narrow-mindedness, and self-doubt.

What about raising up your children with an education in responsibility, resilience, and self-confidence?

That’s what we call a “world-class education” – and it can start with you


In this carefully crafted course, with professionally tested and proven education methods, Matt walks you through a strategy for a world-class education that starts in your home.

To the right are just a few of the characteristics of the world-class education that you will learn how to provide for the children you’re striving to raise up.

Raising children has enough challenges. Why add worry over a potentially damaging education?

You can escape the public “conveyor belt” schooling system that’s crushing our children's spirits and caging their creativity.

You can empower your children to think differently.

You can raise up modern heroes.

This virtual course will give you the basic tools you need to get started. Watch the intro and sign up today.

  • Resilience

  • Responsibility

  • Self-confidence

  • Being a driven leader

  • Thinking differently

  • Taking ownership

  • Mastering skills

  • Putting ideas into action

  • Seeing results from understanding

  • Learning and unlearning

  • Being mentally uncaged

Here's Everything You Get When You Purchase Today:


Learn how to destroy every myth you bought into around home education so that you can grow together as a family.

Passionate and Effective Project Designs

A DIY project design template to ensure

hands-on fun for the whole family!

The Secret To Go From PARENT


Learn the 1 thing you can do to ensure a

world class education if you only had an hour a day.

The FOUR C's

Discover the power of the 4 C’s, and how

you’ll use them to get more done in less time

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